3 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

There are only three ways to increase sales in your restaurant or bar. I know what you’re thinking. There are more than three. Well, that might be true, but I’ve grouped them under these three ways to give you a framework for thinking it through. The three ways are:  Attract new guests Increase guest frequency[…]

Should I Use The Facebook Boost Post Button?

Restaurant Marketing has changed a lot since Facebook emerged on the scene with the ability to advertise to your local market. If you use Facebook for your restaurant, chances are you’ve boosted a Facebook Post. You’ve taken the leap and decided to hit the Facebook Boost Post button to promote your posts hoping more people[…]

The Best Restaurant Marketing Advice You’ll Ever Get

Restaurant marketing advice is easy to find. Good advice is hard to find. After growing my marketing agency since 2009 to over 300 clients it never really dawned on me. Not until I started focusing on the hospitality business and restaurants in particular. I was overly focused on helping my clients be “the best” at[…]