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9 Ways To Use Instagram For Restaurant Marketing

In a world of food bloggers, #foodporn hashtags and self-proclaimed “foodies”, we can make a pretty obvious link between dining and social media: People love sharing what they’re eating, and they especially love to do so on Instagram. In fact, there is perhaps no better industry that Instagram is geared towards than the restaurant industry,[…]

6 Restaurant Marketing Trends That Actually Work

6 Restaurant Marketing Trends That Actually Work

New restaurant marketing and food trends are still emerging even though we are getting close in on the midway point of the year. These trends can have a huge impact on restaurants in all shapes and sizes especially small independent restaurants.   1. Online ordering is “IN” Online ordering is getting better than dine-in with[…]

social media impact in restaurant marketing

3 Huge Impacts of Social Media in Restaurant Marketing

Social media has a big role in changing the way we experience life – from simple communication to changing lifestyles and restaurant marketing. Restaurants have become a great prey for smartphone activities. Consumers take snapshots of their food especially when it comes to great plating and express feedback through Yelp, making restaurant owners take notice[…]