6 Restaurant Marketing Trends That Actually Work

New restaurant marketing and food trends are still emerging even though we are getting close in on the midway point of the year. These trends can have a huge impact on restaurants in all shapes and sizes especially small independent restaurants.


1. Online ordering is “IN”6 Restaurant Marketing Trends That Actually Work

Online ordering is getting better than dine-in with a whopping 300% growth and its helping boost restaurants’ bottom lines: Higher ticket averages with a 15% or more increase in an average check; increased customer frequency, from 2 visits per month to 3.

2. Growing number of people craving for pizza

According to PizzaMarketPlace.com, pizza shop is a huge industry, generating $40 billion in the US alone. We all know that we love pizza, and an astonishing 17% of all restaurants in the US are pizza places! So if you are thinking about opening a pizza place or including pizza in your menu, it is a good strategy.

3. A mobile app is a good idea

When you consider that 50% of the consumers have downloaded a certain restaurant application, creating one for your restaurant is possible and it can give you a great deal when you allow online ordering.

4. Consistent progress over hyper-local food

Professional chefs and the majority of diners consider hyper-local food as a restaurant trend that does not age, rather, it improves over the course of time. Hyper-local food includes locally sourced meats and seafood, locally grown produce and environmental sustainability.

5. Hyper-local delivery appeals to a lot of consumers

Hyper-local restaurant couriers are springing up left and right to meet the demands of hyper-local food. Connection with local farmers is already there so they can get food to you as fast and as fresh they could. And because food travels in short distances in smaller trucks, you are helping in cutting down carbon emissions. Win-win!

6. Independent restaurants MUST have a mobile site for online transactions

95% of independent restaurants don’t have mobile sites and failure to have one could give a thumbs-down on your business. Market share is already slipping as a result of 28% to 25% in all food visits in 2010. If those numbers don’t’ convince you, then take a look at these:

• 69% of consumers use mobile devices to order food in a single click
• 33% of Millennials rely on the restaurant’s technology options when choosing a full-service restaurant


These trends are relatively still very useful nowadays. The internet is a highly recommended tool for all kinds of promotion may it be within your area or if you’re looking to advertise globally.

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