3 Strategies to Track Your Facebook Advertising to In-store Sales

rockfish-tracking-1If you are using social media for your restaurant, you need to track in-store sales and tie it directly to your social media marketing efforts. Here are three strategies to track your Facebook advertising to in-store sales: 
1. Use Facebook Offers for tractable deals – This is a way to integrate a discount offer directly into a Facebook post and then track the usage of that offer over time.
Offer ads are shown to users, who can then click the “Get Offer” button to claim it. Facebook users then have the option to share the offers they like the most with their friends, which means we can reach more people. These offer ads can be targeted toward specific groups, just like any other Facebook ad.
2. Track the actions to your website – It’s possible to track any measurable actions on your website based on traffic driven from a Facebook ad unit. These can include when consumers download a menu, schedule a reservation, buy a gift card or sign up for your email list among many others. By setting up a conversion tracking pixel, you can create a unique JavaScript code to place on a thank you or conversion page of our website. You can also just simply use bitly.com to track links so you know if your links in your posts are driving people to your website. 
3. Use Email Marketing Offers, Coupon Codes or Password Marketing to compare channels you can use multiple codes for the same 10 percent off coupon, with each code specifically attached to Facebook, email or direct to mail ads. Then, as the coupon codes are redeemed, you can analyze results and optimize in real time. This gives you the ability to directly compare the effectiveness of different advertising options against each other.
These are just three ways, there are other ways if you get creative. I’d love to hear your feedback or creative ideas for other ways you can track your FB ads!
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